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Adventure Pass Mobile+

erlebnispass The „Adventure Pass Weissensee Mobile+" represents the upgrading of the guest card with all mobility offers included in the card. Thanks to the high number of lake Weissensee landlords participating in the allocation, the mobility services are included in the "Adventure Pass Mobile+". So this pass is more than all attractive offers our region features for your holiday in the Nature Park lake Weissensee. Every guest may choose among the many advantages of "Adventure Pass Weissensee Mobile+" and the guest card services to create his personal holiday.



Gently Mobile Inclusive Services


Guests in a mobility partner facility may take advantage of many gently mobile offers included within the „Adventure Pass Mobile+". Among those there are the popular station shuttle service for arrival and departure of climate-friendly travelling guests and the nature park bus, operating on the half hour in peak season.




Inclusive Services For Guests of Mobility Partner Facilities (Summer 2017):


  • Nature park bus (21/05 - 25/09)
  • Station shuttle (only arrival and departure 01/05 - 16/10)
  • Evening bus on call (09/07 - 27/08)
  • Hikers' bus lake Weissensee (21/05 - 25/09)
  • Hikers' bus Region(surrounding destinations 09/07 - 27/08)
  • 1x -50 % reduction for half day e-bike rental (09/05 - 16/10)
  • 1x guided e-bike tour (09/05 - 16/10)



Inclusive Services For Guests of Mobility Partner Facilities in the Winter 2017/18:



  • Nature Park Bus (22/12 - 04/03)
  • Station Shuttle (arrival and departure) (16/12 - 04/03)



Find here our Adventure Pass mobile+ Partner Facilities.



Guest Card Lake Weissensee


The „Guest Card Weissensee" has been offering many reductions for your holiday for some years now. You get reductions for leisure time facilities, sports programmes, events – and those are just a few. These reductions are already included with your „Adventure Pass Mobile+". Find more information on



General Terms and Conditions



The „Adventure Pass Weissensee" is a personal card and is not transferable. A violation results in the immediate suspension of the card. Data privacy: By purchasing this card you agree to the treatment of your given data. These are used by Weissensee solely for marketing purposes. This right can be revoked at any time. A data transmission to third parties is excluded. Furthermore the Austrian legal regulations for data privacy apply. Loss or damage of the card: In case of loss or damage the card is immediately blocked. The client receives a new card; the already used services are transferred to it. Breakdown or closure of facilities: No refund is given in case of facility closure. In case of illness (medical certificate) and early departure the "Adventure Pass Weissensee" is blocked. General: The single services this pass entitles to are offered by legally independent businesses. The issuing company acts only as representative of all other companies. The respective company is therefore obligated to provide the single services and compensation for possible incidents. The provided services may be limited due to operational errors or important reasons. Subject to mistakes, errors and changes. The services are available during the specified period of time.



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