Ice Skating at Lake Weissensee

Playfully learn to ice-skate – this is the motto of nature ice skating school Weissensee, where experienced instructors get the basic rules of ice skating to all interested persons. 

Eislaufen auf Natureis The target of the Nature Ice Skating School Weissensee is learning how to ice-skate on natural ice in a pleasant and secure way. Also ambitious ice skaters can improve their abilities under guidance of an ice skating instructor.


The unique Ice Skating Academy on natural ice takes place at lake Weissensee. At Christmas and in the first two weeks in February you can experience ice-skating and speed skating.

With international events about ice lake Weissensee is known beyond the borders of the country.



Supporting Contribution for Ice Surface and Cross-Country Ski Runs
For the use of the ice surface and the cross-country ski runs day guests from 14 years on have to pay a supporting contribution of € 5,- for the day ribbon and € 50,- for the season ribbon. The ribbons are available at Weissensee Information, the municipal office and around the lake and from the ice and ski run butlers. Loipenbutlern.

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Added value for your ice skating holidays

Your ice skating holidays at lake Weissensee feature more for every guest.


Our added value for you:
• Up to 25 ice skating round circles
• 400 metres lane for speed skaters
• Ice skating rinks and stock sport lanes
• Local equipment rental
• Ice skating and speed skating training courses



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Der Weissensee ist Naturpark des Jahres 2014alpine pearlskaernten 86wappen-stockenboi