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Natural Ice Skating at Lake Weissensee - Ice Sports in Carinthia

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Eissport am Weissensee The unique ice experience is getting real at lake Weissensee in Carinthia. The 6,5 km2 large lake Weissensee is Europe's largest frozen and groomed nature ice surface.


"Saint Catherine freezes up the lake" – an old farmers' wisdom says and it proves true every year. Just in time around November 25 (Catherine) a thin ice layer begins to form on the small western part of the lake. From mid-December to the beginning of March not only ice sportsmen are seen on the ice surface, which is up to 40 cm thick, but also horse-drawn carriages and winter hikers enjoy the stunning setting.


An own "ice master" with his staff cares for the maintenance of up to 25 km of ice skating round trails, stock sport lanes and ice hockey rinks and the 400 m lane for speed skaters.



Supporting Contribution for Ice Surface and Cross-Country Ski Runs
For the use of the ice surface and the cross-country ski runs day guests from 15 years on have to pay a supporting contribution of € 5,- for the day ribbon and € 50,- for the season ribbon. The ribbons are available at Weissensee Information, the municipal office, in many marked restaurants around the lake and from the ice and ski run butlers.
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Der Weissensee ist Naturpark des Jahres 2014alpine pearlskaernten 86wappen-stockenboi