Enjoyment Tour at the Nature Park Weissensee

Take in the absolutely stunning scenery, peace and tranquillity, and follow the trails of the wildlife in the Nature Park Weissensee. Together with your guide, who specializes in wildlife and animal behaviour in the Nature Park. Feel close to nature while walking along the beautiful paths through the trees and the moss-covered forest trails, and find the tell-tale signs of wildlife activity. After all this excitement, you can rest on the lovely "Enjoyment-Raft" and treat yourself to some of the famous, and absolutely delicious, Weissensee-fish.


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Period: from 06.05.2016 until 24.06.2016 and 26.08.2016 until 07.10.2016 on Fridays, as well as from 29.07.2016 until 17.08.2016 on Wednesdays

Meeting point: Neusach, at the U-turn area, village centre

Starting time & duration: 9.30 am until 1.30 pm / 4 hours

Price: adults: € 55,- children (under the age of 14): € 27,-


Description of the tour:

Starting off at 9.30 am with the early morning sunrays ensuring a great day of exploration, you will meet up with wildlife expert Hans-Peter Sorger or his trusted colleague Zoologist Manuela Siller. Together with your expert guide you will take the "Enjoyment-Raft" on a gentle tour on the spectacular Weissensee lake. Your guide will take you on a discovery tour on the trail following of the local wildlife, such as a bears, lynxes, bearded- and griffon vultures. This unique tour is a truly memorable experience. Learn all about the behaviour of the animals regarding the change of weather, find fresh animal tracks, and even encounter some of the wildlife. Along the trail you will find out about the hierarchal structures of ant hills, and the fascinating world of birds of prey, like the griffon vulture, golden eagle, and the majestic peregrine falcon. Apart from the stunning wildlife, the interesting world of the natural fauna is very gripping. This area teaches you about poison in plants, but also the healing properties of some plants, and even orchids. After this memorable and truly amazing two-hour tour, you can take some time to relax on the lovely "Enjoyment-Raft" at about lunchtime. While gently floating on the calm lake, you can take in the lovely scenery while enjoying a freshly prepared Weissensee fish from the fishing company Martin Müller with a lovely glass of wine.


Included services:

· guided tour with a specialist guide

· gentle boat tour on the "Enjoyment-Raft"

· culinary delight: the freshly prepared Weissensee fish for lunch


Please bring:
sturdy shoes and sunscreen recommended


The tour is conducted by a specialist in the field.


Contact & registration: minimum of 2 days in advance, by 5 pm

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>> Download - Enjoyment Tour in the Nature Park Weissensee (PDF)


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