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On the initiative of the Carinthian tourism regions the advertising agency Kärnten Werbung has started about one year ago the project "Quality initiative for tourism in Carinthia", which is now being realized together with all partners from the tourism sector of the region (Carinthian tourism regions, Carinthian Economic Chamber of hotellery/gastronomy/camping, association Urlaub am Bauernhof, private landlord association of Carinthia, IG Kärnten Card, Carinthian cable cars).




The Carinthian Seal of Quality is granted to businesses that realize with commitment and motivation the requirements of the Carinthian tourism quality initiative. The business and its staff members are proud of the brand Carinthia and turn the unique holiday feeling "Joy of life" into a real experience for all guests. The landlords create an ambiance of encounter and well-being combined with high service quality. Regular consultations guarantee that this quality promise is delivered.


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Der Weissensee ist Naturpark des Jahres 2014alpine pearlskaernten 86wappen-stockenboi