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Lake Weissensee – a unique water experience

The cleanest bathing lake of the Alps. Lake Weissensee in the south-western part of Carinthia is the cleanest bathing lake of the Alps. Here you can swim, dive, surf, paddle or just splash about in waters that are clean enough to drink and that warm up to a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

Lake Weissensee – "nature's playground" – offers an ideal combination of a beach and mountain holiday. Two thirds of the lakeshore are completely untouched, creating a unique idyllic setting for an outstanding holiday.



Lake Weissensee – "nature's playground"

Try out some of the less conventional ways of cooling off – water skiing, wakeboarding, parachuting, water tyres or bananas. Or get into the thick of the action with some Acapulco jumping (supervised by a trained guide). Rafting and canyoning tours lead you to the rivers and canyons in the vicinity of Lake Weissensee.


If you prefer your fun a bit less action-packed, try a kayaking taster course or a tour in the inflatable kayak.



You may also explore Lake Weissensee underwater. With a visibility range of up to 20 metres, the lake is among the most stunning diving destinations in the Alps.


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Der Weissensee ist Naturpark des Jahres 2014alpine pearlskaernten 86wappen-stockenboi