Egg Hunt at lake Weissensee

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Egg Hunt at lake Weissensee

Every year at Easter the traditional „egg hunt" takes place at lake Weissensee. So also this year on Easter Sunday!



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For the residents at lake Weissensee the egg hunt on Easter Sunday has become a must. The tradition is kept alive and passed on to the next generation. This long-year tradition promotes the community. During this night it's all about fun.


Egg Hunt at Night

The hunt starts exactly at 00.00 on Easter Sunday. A first drink is taken in a tavern before the start. The eggs can be searched for until the Easter mass, but some search for them even at the get-together in Greifenburg.


Particularities of the Egg Hunt

The tradition is intended for single fellows. An exception is made in leap years, when also married men head to the girls. The old rule says that only locals can participate. But this custom has been loosened over the past years, so that also friends from the neighbouring township are allowed to participate. Most groups build a vehicle for the transport of the eggs, toy wagons or trailers.


Egg Hunt Night

The egg hunters walk across Weissenseetal valley and sing the egg hunt song in front of the girls' windows. The girl opens the door and then Happy Easter is wished. During the rest in the snuggery a traditional Jause or a snack is offered, as well as drinks of course. At the end of the visit everyone hopes to get the red egg. The girl has a basket full of coloured eggs, but there is only one red egg. Who gets it, is the chosen one.



The traditional egg hunt song:

„Diandle kim her zan Zaun,

loss da in die Aiglan schaun,

wos se wol' far Farble hom?

Rot oder Blau?"


(Rough translation:

Girl, come closer and let me look in your eyes,

what's their colour?

Red or blue?)

We would like to wish Happy Easter!


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