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Lake Boys tnAn initiative introduces itself


Lake Weissensee as natural jewel inspires residents and tourists with its idyllic places and numerous leisure time activities. Sunbathers and sportsmen find here in the valley according to taste and preference a huge offer in summer and winter. Days spin away, but lately the evenings got quite calm around the lake.

In the past people enjoyed dance evenings at Jedinger, at the pavilion of Hotel Moser or at Berger. Those were important meeting points for the population but also a worthwhile destination for the people in the surrounding valleys.


Dance evenings at lake Weissensee

In the heydays three dance bands performed in one week. A further meeting point was the Kellerbar at Kraner and the Seeklause at the former beach hotel, which disappearance is still regretted by many people. In Oberdorf at Fischerstube people danced until the early morning. Many couples became acquainted on the dance floors and some DJs got caught here at lake Weissensee.
Entertainment was guaranteed! It was not necessary to come down the mountain for enjoying a great evening. The golden age of the dance bands went by – for one last time a dance evening at Berger remembered that time before the pavilion was demolished. On that evening a special glow could be noticed in the eyes of those who still remember these times. The dance bands fell silent and also the discotheques closed one at a time. Beauty competitions and beer barrel stemming were history. Once upon a time many young people came to lake Weissensee from the neighbouring valleys for party evenings, now many people at lake Weissensee go to the neighbouring valleys to have a great time. It got quite calm around the lake. Single businesses made some efforts to liven up the evenings. In one of these evenings the idea came up to start a live music event. Bands should perform live and regularly in various taverns. All innkeepers around the lake were informed about this idea and after two intensive evenings spent together the keystones were set.


That's how it works!

For the summer season 2014 14 innkeepers could have been motivated for this event and together they deal with 24 concert dates. A varied music programme representing also the variety of the hosts starts every Friday – from the beginning of May to the end of October. The only exception is the Friday before Whitsunday, when the stage is cleared for the church anniversary events, the traditional band and Jazz under the pear.
Apart from that every genre is presented from jazz to pop and punk to rock. The price for that is just amazing. € 5,- is the fee for a single entrance – the season tickets covers all concerts and costs € 55,-. Instead of tickets woven fabric ribbons with the summer logo 2014 are handed out. It would be great if these ribbons would decorate as many wrists as possible around the lake and beyond ;-).


Optical design!

The logo has been created by Veronika Zillner (verograph.at), a graphic designer with Carinthian roots living in Vienna. Since the days of her childhood until today lake Weissensee has been one of her favourite places!


The chief cashier...

Wayne Haglund became chief cashier of „Live at the Tavern", selling together with his team the entrance ribbons one hour before concert beginning.
The organizers hope to please locals, staff members and guests with this new and attractive offer.
The „Live at the Tavern" innkeepers look forward to a live music season and would be pleased to welcome you to some of the events.


And with this in mind: keep on swinging and have a beautiful sonorous summer 2014!

Lake Boys - Foto Mayrhofer


The „Live at the Tavern" businesses in May:
Kochens Bar – Birgit and Gerhard Koch
Gralhof – Corinna and Michael Knaller

Hotel Moser - Robert Winkler und Karo Turnschek
Zimmermann´s Gasthaus – Markus Unterweger
Hotel „Die Forelle" – Monika and Hannes Müller



PS: Current news are available on our facebook-page!
Many thanks: to Alfred Santner – for developing the facebook-page; to the Team of Weissensee Information – for the enthusiastic acceptation of this idea and the support; to Veronika Zillner – for the infinite patience in the numerous fine adjustments.



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