Fishing Season Opening 2014

It is time!
On Saturday, May 10, 2014 the fishing season opens at lake Weissensee.

Fishing licences are available at Weissensee Information, Techendorf 78, and at Hotel Gasthof Weissensee, Gatschach 3.


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Heralds of Spring at Lake Weissensee

Boten tnThe shady side of lake Weissensee is not free of snow yet, but wherever you turn to you may notice heralds of spring. We went on a quest...


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"Live at the Tavern"

Lake Boys tnAn initiative introduces itself


Lake Weissensee as natural jewel inspires residents and tourists with its idyllic places and numerous leisure time activities. Sunbathers and sportsmen find here in the valley according to taste and preference a huge offer in summer and winter. Days spin away, but lately the evenings got quite calm around the lake.

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April at lake Weissensee


April tnWinter finally gives way slowly to spring!


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Nature Park lake Weissensee in Frankfurt

Workshop tnLast Wednesday Nature Park lake Weissensee had the chance to present his current touristic programme at a key account event in Frankfurt on the Main. Sustainability was the main topic of this event attended also by many journalists, tour operators and representatives of the German Railways.

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MTB-Camp at lake Weissensee

MTB Camp tnCome to the SPORTaktiv MTB-Camp from June 6 to June 9, 2014!

From the shores of lake Weissensee 150 km of greatest MTB-trails start. During our SPORTaktiv-MTB-Camp 2014 we will bike the best of them. With participation of: Marco Hösel, seven times Trial Bike World Champion!






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Summer Brochures

Prospekte tnEven if nature is still speaking another language - spring is coming and at Weissensee Information a touch of summer is noticable. The first summer brochures are out now!







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Ski Tour to Mount Stosia

Techendorfer-Alm tnDespite the springlike temperatures in the valley, deep winter reigns on the mountains. Last weekend we went on a ski tour to mount Stosia at 1.811 m above sea level. With touring skis and a rucksack with an original Carinthian alpine snack we went up the mountain. A deeply snow-covered and incredibly beautiful winter landscape waited for us up there.



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Great Cross-Country Ski Runs until the End of March

 Loipenbericht tnGreat cross-country ski runs until the end of March - a season like never before!


Due to the high amount of snow in February the cross-country ski runs at lake Weissensee can be groomed until the end of March. Especially in the morning there are great conditions on the perfectly prepared ski runs. Until the end of March there are groomed Seewiesen Wanderloipe L1 (6,3 km skating/classic), the Franz Josephs Loipe L2 (10,6 km skating/classic) and the Skatingloipe S2 (5,8 km skating).

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Current Weissensee Journal

Journal03 14 3 tnThe current Weissensee Journal is now available at Weissensee Information! Here a foretaste in the online edition.


Weissensee Journal Edition 03/2014


Staff Training at Egger Alm

Foto 4 Last Tuesday the team of Weissensee Information visited innkeeper Rudi at Egger Alm.


By ski-doo from Garnitzenklamm gorge along the deeply snow-covered road featuring 14 turns up Egger Alm. Some great pictures could be taken from this mountain pasture, known like lake Weissensee for its gentle winter tourism, before the sun disappeared behind the mountains and Rudi cooked delicious Frigga and home-made Carinthian Noodles for us..


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Zipflbob Race at Naggler Alm

Zipflbobrennen tnSaturday the legendary Zipflbob race at Naggler Alm took place. This year a record could be established – more than 90 people participated in this race over speedy descents featuring spectacular overtaking manoeuvres.


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Children's Carnival at lake Weissensee

Fasching2014 tnLike every year on Pancake Tuesday the traditional Children's Carnival took place. Guided by mayor Johann Weichsler and the traditional band lake Weissensee the carnival parade went from the fire station to Weissensee Haus, where the party continued. Thanks to Jens-Jürgen Strauch for the pictures.

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Cross-Country Skiing Season Extended

Langlauf2014 tnWeissensee Cable Car closes on March 9, but the great conditions around lake Weissensee still invite to do cross-country skiing. The season is therefore extended until the end of March. Starting from March 10 the tracks ÜL1 and ÜL2, as well as the tracks L1, L2 and S1 are traced. Here some impressions from this year's winter.


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Winter Olympics For Children

Kinderolymp tnLike every Thursday in winter the popular winter olympics for children took place. This time Wolfi and Tom could welcome over 35 children, because also a class participated.


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Lake Weissensee – A Winter Fairy-Tale

Wintermaerchen tnFinally there's sun again after a frosty night. The lake and the surroundings show us their most beautiful sides. Many thanks to Jens-Jürgen Strauch for this great report.

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Great Offer For Season Closure

Gratis Ski tn 1 "Ski for free" at Nature Park lake Weissensee


Until March 9 the use of the cable car is included in many accommodation facilities at lake Weissensee. "Ski for free" is this offer called, proving that skiing does not need to be expensive! The conditions could not be better, because with more than 2 metres of natural snow the Nature Park lake Weissensee is presenting itself from its best winterly side since many weeks.




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Weissensee Journal with Carnival Part Published

Journal02 14-tnThe newest edition of Weissensee Journal, featuring a funny section dedicated to carnival, has been published. Who wants to know why in 2014 the GTI and Harley Meetings take place at lake Weissensee, can read more here: Journal02_14_web.pdf


The Lake After The Snowfall


Schnee-tnThe snowfall on February 9 stopped in the night, the temperatures dropped below 0 and the wind was weak. The landscape surrounding the lake resembles a fairy-tale world. Only the sun made herself scarce. We started our tour in Oberdorf around the "Little Sea".
Many thanks to Jens-Jürgen Strauch for this great report.

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Best Conditions On All Ski Runs

Loipe2014 tnA lot of snow and great weather care for best conditions for winter sportsmen at themoent. We have tried to capture them for you.


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