Opening MTB Single Trail Weissensee

Trail tnBe prepared for Saturday, June 25, 2016! The new MTB Single Trail Weissensee will be inaugurated in the presence of collaborating partners and officials.










Already in autumn 2015 the construction works started in the area of Weissensee cable car/Naggleralm. Now the trail can be opened to the public. This sports attraction is intended to guide visitors towards nature. The comfortable ascent by cable car and the useful day ticket make it possible. Don't forget to rest during your ride down to valley and recharge your batteries on the sunny terrace of Naggleralm or at Bergbahnstüberl.








Overview of the track details

The MTB single track lake Weissensee features a 3,3 km long downhill trail for beginners and professionals in the heart of the Gailtal valley Alps. The downhill ride covering 370 metres of difference in altitude offer root trails, switchbacks, steep turns, wooden bridges and much more. Challenging and easy trails are the perfect mix for beginners and experienced riders.

Practice makes perfect: Decide on how often you would like to cope with the trail! "The twisty style of the trail will keep the riders' speed rather low", explains Michael Eder from Hotel Regitnig****.





Bike Transportation 

The bikes can be easily transportated to the start in one of the appropriate devices by cable car (Weissensee Cable Car). Costs per person incl. bike € 12,50- per ascent ride! (Day and seasonal tickets available according to tariff list!)


Bike Wash at the lower station

After the breath-taking downhill ride you can clean wash your bike in one of the appropriate bike washes. You'll find everything prepared at the cable car lower station. 


Weekend-Package: First Weissensee Trail Days







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