Season Opening: „Alpenperle“ Boat Christening Ceremony and Water Bike World Record Attempt

Taufe Alpenperle tnThe summer season 2015 features a great opening: on May 1st a water bike world record attempt takes place at lake Weissensee and on the following day, May 2nd, there is the boat christening ceremony and the maiden voyage of „Alpenperle".

Taufe Alpenperle


MS Alpenperle Boat Christening Ceremony and Maiden Voyage

After her sensational trip from Germany to lake Weissensee last year, the newest boat of lake Weissensee fleet, the MS Alpenperle, is up to start her service with the maiden trip. On the day before a spectacular water bike world record attempt takes place at lake Weissensee.

Sensational was her journey from Lux dockyard near Cologne to lake Weissensee, which attracted interest throughout Austria. Starting from this season the MS Alpenperle heads for a calmer period, because she is Austria's first hybrid electric passenger boat and therefore able to move in absolute silence and even emission-free. Before the maiden voyage of MS Alpenperle on May 2nd, 2015, the official boat christening ceremony takes place on Saturday 10 a.m. with a ceremonial act at the bridge in Techendorf. After that Christian Müller will start for the first round trip at lake Weissensee with about 100 invited guests on board. On May 3rd 2015 Weissensee Schifffahrt starts the scheduled service and starting from Mother's Day (May 10) the boats operate again daily in the Nature Park lake Weissensee.


Eco-friendly Technology

With the „MS Alpenperle" the boat „Austria" has become a sister, that is authorized for boarding 250 passengers. Revolutionary is the MS Alpenperle because of her eco-friendly power system. The modern diesel motor with particulate filter provides very low emission values. On the other hand the silent and emission-free service is made possible by an electric motor. The batteries are recharged during the night making use of the company-owned hydropower plant at Weissenbach, the effluent of lake Weissensee. So the MS Alpenperle is partly powered by lake Weissensee water!


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Space for Events

The modern boat fits perfectly the needs of her passengers. The first deck is barrier-free and accessible also for pushchairs, bicycles and wheelchairs. A sunshade on the open deck features shade and protection in case of passing showers. A children's playing area is also part of the facilities, as well as a TV system for presentations, a sound system and of course gastronomic board service. Thanks to individual arrangement possibilities the boat can even host weddings with buffet, dance events or theatre performances.

For further information contact Schifffahrtsunternehmen Müller, Mag. Christian Müller, 9714 Stockenboi, phone +43 (0)660 65 80 667,


Water Bike World Record Attempt on May 1st, 2015

On May 1st lake Weissensee is location for a world record attempt in water biking. Two teams, men and women, composed of three Italian water bikers each, will try to outperform the point of 200 km in 24 hours setting a Guinness World Record. The odds are good, after all the members of „Trieste Waterbike Team" have already achieved some entries into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The most important point at the 24-hours water bike world record attempt is lake Weissensee bridge as the leg's midway. Starting from the bridge marker buoys are set every kilometre in both directions, so that a lap corresponds to 3.100 metres. Unbelievable 129 times the teams will pass the bridge hoping to get much support. The record attempt is supervised by an official Guinnness jury, lake Weissensee water rescue service under Ernest Turnschek is responsible for safety. The idea for this event comes from Petra Winkler, who has been the teams' host for years.


Waterbike Weissensee


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