Exciting Keynote Speech about "Power Pricing"

"How to reach a better performance with self-reliant prices" -  at Nature Park lake Weissensee

Powerpricing 01startIn the course of the local quality and service campaign of the tourism township Weissensee, setting its focus in 2017/18 on digitalisation and product development, an exciting speech was held by the price policy professional Dr. Christoph Nussbaumer from Strategy Consultants GmbH (www.my-strategy.net).




Within about 90 minutes Dr. Nussbaumer displayed the problems that should be considered in price policy using concrete examples and theoretical formula and providing possible solutions as well!






„Main target of the price strategy is to reach the necessary strategic average rate for the projected number of overnight-stays and to optimize it constantly", explained Dr. Nussbaumer.


After the speech an open discussion was held to answer questions. The event has been attended by about 60 persons and represented the initial event of a series of informative events about digitalization and product development.

Special thanks to the sponsors, Weissensee Information and Raiffeisenbank Oberdrautal / Weissensee who allowed this outstanding event.
The following social get-together at Senso e Vita was a great occasion to further discuss the presented price policy strategies.


Under the patronage of: mayor Gerhard Koch, tourism chief Almut Knaller, tourism manager Stefan Wunderle, MAS, branch bank director Raiffeisenbank Oberdrautal/Weissensee Christa Müller-Unterluggauer, the Weissensee local councillors and the chairman of Nature Park lake Weissensee Franz Schier


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